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2000 April 6


The company is developing a new launch vehicle called Urania (pronounced: yu RAH nee ah), named after the Muse of Astronomy. The rocket will be capable of carrying communications spacecraft into geostationary and polar orbits.

The Urania launch vehicle design is based on rocket technologies that use simplified systems to achieve low costs and high reliability. The development effort is intended to bring Urania into use initially as a carrier of medium-sized geostationary orbit communications spacecraft. Urania is ideally sized for this large, stable, well-established market, and will be priced below current launch vehicles. At the same time, the vehicle has an inherently flexible configuration allowing it to carry payloads into a variety of orbits.

Products and Servicess

The company is focused on developing a transportation service to Earth orbit. Further in the future, the company could developed other transportation systems and hardware for space infrastructure.

The Company

General Astronautics is an international group of companies formed to provide launch services to commercial space users. It is a fully commercial endeavor not tied to any national policies or programs. The company will draw upon the experience, resources, and capital of the international business and space communities.

General Astronautics, its officers, and its employees are dedicated to being a part of the effort to move humanity into space in the Twenty-first Century. We want to share our vision of things to come, and to make it possible for people around the world to participate in the coming events.

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